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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Ranger 22 year old Ariel Jurado offers some quotes he pulled off the Crash Davis cliche generator. Although he offered them in Spanish, through an interpreter.

Gerry Fraley has a roundup post where he tells us Nomar Mazara will be starting a rehab assignment today and that two pitchers in the low minors have been promoted with gaudy strikeout numbers.

Dennis Martinez tipped his cap to Bartolo Colon, saying that Colon showed a lot of persistence in getting the all time Latin American wins record.

The offense has started surging as young players grow into their roles.

Veteran Chris Tillman, released from the Orioles and signed to a minor league contract a week ago, will be getting his first start for Round Rock today.

Adrian Beltre didn’t show up Felix Hernandez because he took him deep in a blowout (and because King Felix is having a rough season).

The Rangers have a few thoughts about what is behind the recent offensive heroics.

And Levi Weaver has a story to tell you about Bartolo Colon, a donkey, and a hooker with dysentery.

And, finally, Jaime Lannister didn’t have a sword hand. He had a lame regular ol’ metal hand. Sword hand!