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51-66 - Jurado’s sinker was sunk as Rangers sank against Yankees 7-3

Ariel Jurado tied the record for most home runs allowed by a Rangers rookie pitcher in opener against Yankees

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Ariel Jurado was probably due one of these. Sure, he had most recently won a game against the Baltimore Orioles and before that, the Houston Astros at Minute Maid, but those Orioles are barely Major Leaguers and those Astros were missing what makes them the Astros — both Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa were out — so tonight was perhaps the first time you could say that Jurado was perhaps punching above his weight class.

It went rudely.

In five innings, Jurado allowed six runs on seven hits, three walks, and just one strikeout. Four of the seven Yankees hits ended up flying out of the park, as is their specialty.

Those four home runs allowed tied Jurado for the dubious record of most home runs allowed in a game by a rookie Rangers hurler. But, hey, two of the guys he’s tied with are Rick Helling and Colby Lewis and those guys turned out alright!

Player of the Game: Shin-Soo Choo takes it home tonight just by virtue of having to endure getting beaned twice but he got his revenge by drawing a walk and drilling a two-run double in two of his other chances. After a bit of a slump for Choo over the last two weeks, there’s nothing like reaching base four times to get you back on track.

Up Next: The Rangers will look to bounce back in the second game of this four-game set with Mike Minor on the mound opposite RHP Masahiro Tanaka for New York. First pitch from Yankee Stadium is scheduled for 6:05 pm CT.