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Rangers Series Preview: San Diego Padres

In Southern California, up against the Fightin’ Friars

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers need just one more win this season to guarantee they won’t end as a 100 loss team. I’m hoping they can get that one win in this series against the Padres but the Rangers love to make us sweat it out this season. (Remember that 115 degree game? Look I’m just trying to survive the last few games of the season with the other five of you still watching along with the beat reporters. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore.)

Anyway, holding out hope that this is not a 100 loss team is really all we have left to hope for this season right? This is the last series the Rangers play this season against a team with a worse winning percentage so if they could bang out a win tonight, we can I don’t know enjoy the rest of the season? Or at least end this miserable countdown.

So tonight’s game, the Rangers are going with an opener... for the third time in the last two weeks (three weeks?) And I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I understand the purpose of an opener but I’m also pretty sure the Rangers might not understand either.

So Connor Sadzek will be opening for Yohander Mendez tonight while start Robbie Erlin. Erlin has a 7.46 ERA as a starter this season, he gave up seven runs in three innings of work in his last start.

On Saturday, the Rangers will start with Jurado who has a 9.00 ERA in his last 24 innings. The Padres will start rookie-LHP Eric Lauer.

In the series finale. the Rangers ace, Mike Minor will take the mound. Minor’s ERA is 2.70 in his last eight starts. While the Padres send out Jacob Nix who hasn’t had a great September. Nix has allowed 11 runs in 10 innings in his last two starts.

And now here’s some Adrian Beltre gifs to improve this post... and your weekend. Enjoy!