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63-84 - Rangers will not lose 100 games in 2018 after beating Padres 4-0

Not-starter Yohander Mendez primarily dispatched the lowly Padres

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Many were certain back in early April that this would the first time since 1973 — their second year in Texas, when they lost 105 games — that the Rangers would lose as many as 100 games in a season. However, with a 4-0 shutout victory over the San Diego Padres tonight, Texas has officially avoided that dubious fate with their 63rd win.

Rejoice, Rangers fans! Now, at the very worst, the squad can lose only 99 times tops in 2018.

<insert confetti emojis and champagne gifs here>

Player of the Game: I was impressed with Yohander Mendez’s changeup tonight. If Mendez is ever going to make it in the Major Leagues, it’s going to be the changeup that carries him.

Tonight, as the primary pitcher after Connor Sadzeck opened the game, Mendez pitched from the start of the second inning though the sixth inning and allowed zero runs on three hits and three walks while striking out five on 84 pitches. Mendez also induced two double plays to erase two of the walks.

That’s not exactly a line that’s going to convince anyone that Mendez is here to stay, but the strikeouts were encouraging and the fact that he was getting swings and misses with his changeup is something to keep an eye on as his September audition continues.

Also, Adrian Beltre is the all-time hit king among players who played primarily at third base in the entire history of baseball after hitting two doubles tonight to pass George Brett. That is amazing. Adrian Beltre is amazing.

Up Next: Ariel Jurado is listed as the actual starter on Saturday evening in San Diego opposite RHP Eric Lauer for the Padres. First pitch from Petco Park is scheduled for a rather unusual 7:40 pm CT.