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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Texas Rangers Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Perez, despite having success in the bullpen and an option that’s unlikely to be picked up for 2019, still wants to be a starter and still wants to be a Ranger.

Fans will be closer to the action at the new Globe Life Field.

The Rays shut out the Rangers again as the team continues to wind out the string.

Nashville will be the new home of the Rangers AAA affiliate because Round Rock is infested with Houston sympathizers. And communists. And filthy alt-right conspiracy weirdos. Everything bad you can think of, Round Rock has it.

“It’s one of those seasons where everything bad got together,” said Elvis Andrus of 2018, just like Round Rock is where everything bad gets together.

Adrian Beltre says, despite appearances, the Rangers are in fact still trying to win ballgames.

Construction crews have hit 1,000,000 man hours on their way to completing the new ballpark.

Jeff Wilson says that the answer to whether there will be artificial turf in the new stadium can be found in the Rangers’ announcing that the stadium will be opened with a concert on March 7, 2020.

Levi Weaver likes corrupting the young, apparently.