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Martin Perez to start Sunday

Martin Perez, moved from the rotation to the bullpen last month, is getting the start Sunday

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Francisco Giants Kiel Maddox-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Perez will be starting the final home game of the season on Sunday for the Texas Rangers, the team announced today. Adrian Sampson is pitching on Monday.

This is a change of plans, as Perez was moved from the rotation to the bullpen several weeks ago, and has been working as a reliever of late. No indication as of yet as to why Perez, who has expressed a desire to be a starter and to stay with the Rangers going forward (despite the team’s expressed intention to decline their 2019 option), is going to start, nor is it clear at this point whether he will be pitching s full starter’s workload, or if the team is treating this as a bullpen game.