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Rangers Weekly Recap: The One with the Goodbyes?

The penultimate week of the Rangers season may have included the final home game for Adrian Beltre

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The week of final home games became even more interesting as the week came to close. We had a pretty unexpected goodbye and a potential goodbye that’s not official but was emotional enough that it felt like the end.

So lets start with the unexpected one. On Thursday, there was talk that Jeff Banister would be out as the Rangers manager. And it didn’t really seem like a rumor, more of something that was definitely going to happen.

Now maybe I’m the only one, but I found even the talk of this to be unexpected. Obviously the Rangers have had an awful season but it’s not entirely Banny’s fault considering the pieces he had to work with.

After reading some of the beat writer’s articles after he was let go on Friday (which I think surprised me the most considering there was a week left but I get it, it’d be awkward to hand around after hearing you’re gonna be gone soon) it makes more sense considering the breakdown in communication that had apparently been an ongoing issue.

Now I’m veryyyy interested to see who will be interviewing for the position, especially with all the names that have been dropped (Like Beltre by me, no shame!)

Speaking of Adrian Beltre, the greatest ever super human to have walked the earth at the same time as us.

Today really felt like a goodbye. Almost two months ago when he said that it might be the end but that he would decide at the end of the season, it seemed like a decision that was so far away that we could all forget about it. A quote we could all laugh “Adrian Beltre retire? Yeah right, he’s gonna play for 50 more years!”

Then Sunday afternoon’s game happened.

And Beltre smacked us all in the face with emotions.

At the top of the sixth inning when interim-manager Don Wakamatsu sent Rougie out to replace Beltre, he got the send-off *chokes back all the tears* he deserves.

I bawled like a baby watching Beltre take in the standing ovation by his teammates and fans in the stands. and that was in the comfort of my own home without the added emotions of watching it at live at the stadium (shout out to all of you that had to try to attempt to not be a total blubbering mess at Globe Life for .2 seconds before giving up and sobbing your heart out.)

For the last few seasons, I’ve asked for a Beltre cam. just a nice like box in the corner of the screen where we could watch Adrian Beltre do Adrian Beltre things for 162 games.

When I asked for that, I didn’t mean that I wanted to watch him sit in the dugout by himself as he realized he just potentially played his last game in Arlington.

I think if that was the final time, I’m glad he went out the way he wanted to. In front of the fans, with a win, and content.

But I’m still praying to the baseball gods that our captain comes back next year.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports