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67-95 - Thank you, Adrian Beltre

AB Forever

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

A difficult season for the Texas Rangers comes to an end and with it, perhaps, Adrian Beltre’s career.

It’s hard to say goodbye because it’ll never be the same without him, but Adrian Beltre gave the world so much relentlessness, so much excellence, and so much joy via his time on the diamond that he’s earned the choice to let the rest of the world entertain him for once.

In the end, Adrian Beltre leaves 2018 and possible the sport as the best player on the Rangers as he had his best month of the season this September.

For his career:

  • Games at 3B: 2,758 (2nd)
  • Hits: 3,166 (16th)
  • Doubles: 636 (11th)
  • Home runs: 477 (30th)
  • RBIs: 1,707 (24th)
  • Extra base hits: 1,151 (14th)
  • Total bases: 5,309 (14th)
  • Career bWAR: 95.7 (26th)
  • Career Defensive WAR: 29.3 (10th)
  • GIFs (1st)

Thank you, Adrian Beltre.

Player of the Game: One of the greatest baseball players and the most fun person to ever wear either a Rangers uniform or a baseball uniform in general. No. 29. Adrian Beltre. From one GOAT to the next:

Tank Update: The Rangers lost their 95th game of the season tying them with the 2014 team for worst record by the club since 1985. At this moment, the Reds and Pirates are tied and should the Reds win, the Rangers will make the 7th pick in next year’s draft. If Cincinnati loses, the Rangers will select 8th.

Update: Cincinnati lost 6-5 in 10 innings via a bloop single misplayed by two Reds outfielders allowing the runner to reach third and score on a wild pitch so the Rangers will pick 8th. As if there were any doubt.

Up Next: Winter.