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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

We’re going to have to come up an entirely new lexicon for starting pitchers who didn’t start

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Good morning. So the Rangers are on the cutting edge of new strategies except they kind of beefed it and turned last night into your run of the mill bullpen game instead of adhering to the actual theory of using a reliever for one inning to start the game to eliminate one look of the opponent’s best hitters for a lesser starting pitcher. Oh well, baby steps!

T.R. Sullivan writes that it didn’t even really matter how the Rangers ordered their pitchers since the offense only scored one run in a 3-1 loss.

Evan Grant writes that opening with a relief pitcher worked out for the Rangers in their first attempt even if they didn’t come away with a win.

Levi Weaver reminds you of what an opener is exactly and why the Rangers the latest team to try it out.

Sullivan writes that Adrian Beltre might have been able to go to the Dodgers to chase a ring but he’s not about that mercenary life.

Wilson writes that Beltre turned down a chance to go play with a team in the thick of it right near his offseason home because he’s a Texas Ranger, dangit!

Grant writes that, in the end, it was an easy choice for Beltre because his heart wasn’t in leaving Texas.

Weaver writes that Beltre is facing his baseball mortality even though he’ll forever remain a Rangers immortal.

Wilson profiles surging pitching prospect Tyler Phillips who has made a name for himself with a strict aversion to walking hitters.

Sullivan notes that the Rangers announced their September call-ups with C.D. Pelham getting rewarded with a cup of coffee over the likes of Scott Heineman and Brady Feigl.

Speaking of Feigl, Levi’s tweet about the glitch in the Matrix that is two identical, non-related Brady Feigls (Feigli?) went viral.

Grant writes that Willie Calhoun was among the players rostered but that the Rangers still aren’t inclined to play him.

Wilson ranks Cole Ragans as the Rangers’ No. 10 prospect as Ragans nears his latest milestone in his rehab from Tommy John surgery.

Grant notes that the Round Rock Express season is over and that means the Rangers are likely done in Round Rock as well.

And, lastly, Rougned Odor and Shin-Soo Choo have had impressive hitting stretches this season. Jamey Newberg looks at hot streaks for Texas this decade to put them into context.

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