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61-81 - Beltre not going gentle into that good night despite Rangers 8-6 loss

Adrian Beltre came to play but the Rangers are back to a season-worst 20 games under .500 after loss in Oakland

MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Please never leave me, us, baseball, Adrian Beltre.

Player of the Game: Beltre hit two more home runs today, his fourth and fifth so far this month, including a dramatic game-tying dong in the top of the eighth inning. Alas, even a Herculean effort by the future first ballot, inner circle Hall of Famer wasn’t enough to lift the voodoo of the Coliseum off the Rangers.

Up Next: The Rangers look to avoid getting swept in Oakland but that will require them to score runs off Trevor Cahill and they’ve never bothered to do that before. Texas will start Ariel Jurado unless they have an opener in mind for tomorrow. First pitch in the finale from Oakland Coliseum is scheduled for 3:05 pm CT once again.