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What are your New Year’s Resolutions as Rangers fans?

It’s a new year. What resolutions are you making as a Rangers fan?

Global Life Park Press Conference
When I typed in Texas Rangers New Year into the photo search box, this came up.
Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

It’s now 2019, which seems a little crazy. 2019 is the future. It’s the year Blade Runner is set in. We don’t have replicants, though. Or at least I don’t think we do.

Anyway, a New Year’s tradition is to make resolutions, so I will ask you, LSB denizens...what resolutions are you making this year, as fans of the Texas Rangers?

My resolution? To be patient and not immediately clamor for Joe Palumbo or Taylor Hearn to be called up when a rotation member is struggling in early May.