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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

*chanting* mystery team Mystery Team. MYSTERY TEAM!

Japan v MLB All Stars - Game 3 Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

Good morning.

Richard Justice ponders which teams could possibly become the mystery teams in the Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sweepstakes. Spoilers: He lists the Rangers as second likeliest. (Even Richard Justice knows this is a good idea, JD. Come on!)

MLB dot com explores what each team’s lineup would look like if Opening Day were tomorrow, which, yikes, it’s certainly not pretty if you’ve sworn your allegiance to the Texas Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan writes about a whole mess of Rangers hanging out to train and enjoying the Texas Rangers MLB Academy youth facilities called Adrian Beltre Field.

Evan Grant notes that a reunion with former World Series hero Derek Holland was not to be as Holland re-signed with the San Francisco Giants.

Jeff Wilson has more on the state of the team and the Holland pursuit which more than likely ended when the Rangers decided to take a chance on Shelby Miller for much cheaper last week.

And, lastly, Sullivan writes that Texas has honored former Arlington mayor Richard Greene for his legacy with the Rangers which helped them garner the Allan H. Selig Award for Philanthropic Excellence.

Have a nice day! (Sign Machado, JD.)