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Martin Perez to Minnesota Twins on one year deal

The Minnesota Twins have reportedly agreed to a one year deal with a club option with Martin Perez

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Minnesota Twins and Martin Perez have reportedly agreed on a one year deal with a club option, per Ken Rosenthal. The Twins’ second-in-command is Thad Levine, who was the longtime assistant general manager for the Texas Rangers, where Perez has spent his career up until now.

Perez has not been the same since his 2014 Tommy John surgery, and after a couple of serviceable if unspectacular seasons in 2016-17, he had a disastrous 2018, starting the season on the disabled list after fracturing his non-pitching elbow in the offseason, and never getting on track, ultimately losing his spot in the starting rotation and prompting the Rangers to decline their 2019 option on him.

There had been talk about the possibility of Perez returning to Texas, but that appears no longer to be an option.