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Jim Callis says Leody Taveras was #102 on list

Leody Taveras dropped out of’s top 100 list this offseason, but Jim Callis says he was just barely off the list

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The top 100 prospect list for 2019 dropped over the weekend, and while the Texas Rangers placed three players on the list, there was some surprise that Leody Taveras, who was on the list previously, had dropped out of the top 100. Jim Callis, however, says that Leody just barely made the cut — he says Leody was #102, behind Corey Ray, who was at #101.

Now, does this matter in any sort of meaningful way? Not really. The prospect rankings are fun, but it is really more about tiers, and you can probably argue about any number of guys from the 50-200 range. Still, it is nice to know that Leody just barely missed joining Hans Crouse, J.P. Martinez and Cole Winn here, and “the Rangers have 4 guys in the top 102” just feels better as a Ranger fan than “the Rangers have 3 guys in the top 100.”