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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Ben Bishop for Jeff Mathis straight up

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

T.R. Sullivan writes about the Rangers bringing in Shawn Kelley to bolster the bullpen on a very reasonable one-year deal with an option.

Are you sitting here thinking, “Man, I’m just not sure that I know enough about Asdrubal Cabrera!” Well, you’re in luck as the DMN offers you five things to help boost your cognition of Cabrera.

Sullivan offers up the intriguing tale behind the Rangers signing Internet sensation Chris Nunn who is no doubt hoping to become 2019’s Austin Bibens-Dirkx or Brandon Mann.

I mean, a lefty pumping in 97 seems good:

MLB dot com runs down the closer situation for all 30 clubs which is actually an area where the Rangers are looking pretty good heading into the 2019 season.

Sullivan offers his take on the state of the farm system with Jon Daniels stating that he’s happy with the talent the Rangers have accumulated, especially in the lower levels.

And, lastly, the Double-A Richmond Flying Squirrels have found a very Ben Morris-friendly way to get in on the wacky Minor League special jersey night trend.

Have a nice day.