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Keith Law Top 50 prospect list has no Rangers

The Texas Rangers, who placed 3 players in Keith Law’s 51-100 prospect rankings, don’t have anyone in the top 50

Mariners V Rangers

Keith Law’s top 100 prospect list for 2019 finishes up today with his release of prospects ranked #1 through #50, and as we expected, no Texas Rangers prospects cracked the top 50. The Rangers had three prospects in Law’s 51-100 rankings, as well as Joe Palumbo at #105, which we discussed yesterday, and it wasn’t expected anyone else in the organization would crack the list.

What we are seeing is, as I think we all realized before the lists came out, that while the Rangers have a good number of solid, red-chip prospects, they don’t really have right now that top flight, blue chip prospect that would head up a deal in a trade for a particularly coveted major league player. The farm system isn’t barren by any means — they have a lot of interesting guys, more than most teams do — but while they have guys who could move into that blue chip category in the coming year, right now, no one in the organization really fits that bill.