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Jeff Banister candidate for Pittsburgh Pirates manager job

Former Rangers manager Jeff Banister is among the candidates who have interviewed with the Pittsburgh Pirates for their vacant managerial job

Texas Rangers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been interviewing candidates for their vacant managerial job, and one of the candidates they have reportedly talked to is former Texas Rangers manager Jeff Banister. Banister, who was let go by the Rangers late in the 2018 season, spent the 2019 season as a special assistant for baseball operations for the Pirates.

The Pirates fired their manager, former Texas Rangers’ hitting coach Clint Hurdle, after a disappointing 2019 campaign. Had Hurdle been let go last offseason, he probably would have been interviewed by the Texas Rangers as a potential replacement for Banister — Hurdle is reportedly held in high esteem by the Rangers’ front office, and his endorsement of Banister helped land Banister his managing job with the Rangers. Banister had been with the Pirates as a player, coach, and minor league manager from 1986 until he was hired by the Rangers as their manager after the 2014 season.

The Pirates have reportedly talked to a number of candidates, including former Texas Rangers outfielder Ryan Christenson, and there’s no telling how serious of a candidate Banister is for Pittsburgh at this point. It does appear, however, the Pirates want to keep Banister in the organization.