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Yomiuri Giants posting Shun Yamaguchi

Japanese League pitcher Shun Yamaguchi is being posted by his Yomiuri Giants club, per reports

Japan v Australia - WBSC Premier 12: Super Round Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Shun Yamaguchi, the Yomirui Giants righthanded starting pitcher who has spent the past fourteen seasons pitching in the Japanese League, is being posted by the Giants, per a report from the Japan Times. Yamaguchi, 32, will not be subject to the J-2 bonus pool restrictions, meaning, that any team can sign him for whatever amount they choose and for whatever type of contract they choose.

Yamaguchi has spent the last three seasons with the Yomiuri Giants after being with Yokohama from 2006-16. Per the Japan Times, part of Yamaguchi’s agreement with Yomiuri, when he signed with them as a free agent, was that he would be able to be posted to play in MLB.

Yamaguchi had a 2.78 ERA in 181 IP in 2019, with 194 Ks against 64 walks and 8 home runs allowed. That was an improvement over 2018, when he had a 3.69 ERA in 156 IP, with 146 Ks, 61 walks and 18 home runs allowed. He missed most of 2017, his first season with Yomiuri, after being suspended after being arrested due to drunkenly fighting a security guard and damaging hospital property while being at the hospital to get treatment on his pitching hand.

Yamaguchi was a reliever early in his career, but has primarily been a starter since the 2015 season. He would seem to be someone who profiles as a potential back-end starter in the major leagues, and given the Rangers’ aggressive scouting of players in Asia, I would expect for them to have at least some interest in him.