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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

When are we gonna get some good jerseys up in here?

MLB: General Managers Meetings
The media asking JD which player goET hates he’s going to sign this winter
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Could the Rangers land Kris Bryant this winter? Richard Justice looks at the big names that could be on the move and the teams that would be the favorites to land them.

T.R. Sullivan notes that Rangers legends Cliff Lee and Alfonso Soriano are first timers on the announced Hall of Fame ballot.

Jay Jaffe basically invented how we evaluate Hall of Fame cases online and he’s back to take a look at this year’s crop of candidates.

And, finally, the Brewers showed off their new duds for the 2020 season:

With that in mind, when the heck are the Rangers going to rebrand from their entirely boring threads and forgettable logo? You think the community paid for half a stadium to continue with this bland livery?


This is why Nolan left.

Have a nice day!