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Nolan Ryan out as Houston Astros advisor

Nolan Ryan says, via a curt text message, that he is no longer an advisor for the Houston Astros

Houston Astros Introduce New President Reid Ryan Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Nolan Ryan and the Houston Astros are parting ways, with the Hall of Fame pitchers telling Mark Berman, sports director for the Houston Fox affiliate, in a text message:

I will not be back with the club and will leave it at that.

This is on the heels of the announcement today that Nolan’s son, Reid Ryan, is out as the team’s president of business operations, being replaced by Jared Crane, the son of Astros owner Jim Crane. Ryan is now “Executive Adviser, Business Relations” for the Astros, and per a quote from the Houston Chronicle story linked, it is to “have more opportunities to focus on his other business ventures while remaining an important part of the Astros organization.”

One can reasonably come to the conclusion that Reid was forced out to make room for the owner’s kid, and Nolan isn’t happy about it.

Nolan, of course, also had a less than harmonious split with the Texas Rangers after the 2013 season. He had been a part-owner as a result of his involvement with the Chuck Greenberg-led group that bought the team as part of the bankruptcy proceeding the Rangers were involved in in 2010.