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Dodgers pessimistic on Rendon, Rangers heavily involved

Ken Rosenthal says the Dodgers aren’t feeling great about their chances of getting free agent third baseman Anthony Rendon

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Anthony Rendon, pursued by the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels, among others, has been said for some time to be the Rangers’ top target. With the Dodgers missing out on Gerrit Cole, who agreed to a record deal with the New York Yankees last night, there’s been some thought that the Dodgers could become the favorite to land Rendon, but Ken Rosenthal says that the Dodgers are “pessimistic” about signing the free agent third baseman. Rosenthal describes the Rangers as “heavily involved” and the Angels as “interested.”

The Anthony Rendon saga will likely big the overarching story for Rangers fans until it is resolved, one or the other, this offseason, with the Rangers have Rendon as their top priority at this point. Scott Boras, Rendon’s agent, said that geography wouldn’t be a factor in the Texas native decided where to sign...which is exactly what you would expect an agent, who is trying to extract the best deal for his client, to say.

The Angels and Dodgers were both supposedly finalists for Cole, and with the Angels having attached their 2019 first round draft pick to Zack Cozart to get him (and his salary) off the roster, they could now be positioned to make a serious push at Rendon, who would replace Cozart at third base. Josh Donaldson, meanwhile, is waiting in the wings as a potential consolation prize for whoever doesn’t land Rendon.