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Anthony Rendon to Angels: 7 years, $245M

Reports tonight indicate that the Angels are pushing hard to try to get an Anthony Rendon deal done

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Seven Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Anthony Rendon is an Anaheim Angels target, and the National reporters on Twitter indicate that the Angels are pushing hard for Rendon and trying to get a deal done tonight. Angels owner Arte Moreno, who has gotten personally involved in other negotiations in the past, is reportedly a big Rendon fan and seems to be pushing for a deal.

Evan Grant is reporting that the Rangers are out on Rendon, and a deal with Anaheim appears likely.

Rendon was, of course, the top Rangers target this offseason, and the team has been seen as one of the favorites to land him. If they miss out on Rendon, I would expect the Rangers to pivot quickly to Josh Donaldson, who they reportedly are open to doing a four year deal with.

UPDATE — Multiple reports say that Rendon is getting 7 years at $245M. That’s $35M per year. I have a hard time being mad at the Rangers for not doing that.

UPDATE II — Per Evan Grant, the Rangers offered 6 years, “just shy” of $200M. So about $33M per year.