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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Los Angels Angles v Texas Rangers Has Been Postponed Due To The Tragic Passing Of Tyler Skaggs Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good morning, folks...

The Winter Meetings are over, and after missing out on Anthony Rendon, the Texas Rangers are exploring their other options.

Evan Grant says the Rangers picked up a couple of small fry but not the big fish this week, and now may be shifting their focus to Nick Castellanos, who they would presumably move to first base.

The Rangers’ priorities are third base, catching, and starting pitching, according to T.R. Sullivan.

Kevin Sherrington offers his take on the Rangers whiffing on Rendon.

The Rangers did not lose or acquire anyone in the Major League portion of the Rule 5 draft, which means Joe Barlow and Eli White are still here.