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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update


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MLB: Cleveland Indians at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. This is purely anecdotal but it sure seems like for years and years the Rangers were a team that often fell out of talks for coveted players because the demands on them were perceived to be higher than that of other teams. This has felt less true these days, but seemed especially prevalent when Texas had one of the top farm systems throughout the first half of the decade.

Maybe it was that they overvalued their players or maybe they just never had an Emmanuel Clase to dangle at the right team at the right time. With a package for a two-time Cy Young award winner who 12 months ago was coming off a season where he went 20-7 with a 2.89 ERA, 3.08 xFIP, and 5.5 fWAR being considered extremely light for Cleveland, even with risks acknowledged, the Rangers, for once, were the team that had folks around the league wondering, “how the heck did we not beat that price?”

Texas native (they always seem to be Texas natives) Corey Kluber is a Ranger now because, for once, a particular match set them apart and worked in their favor. Now Texas just needs to put the players around him for it to matter.

Indeed, as Jeff Wilson notes, the Rangers sent Delino DeShields along with Clase to the Indians for Kluber and, amusingly, $500k.

Levi Weaver writes that the Rangers seemed to pull off a heist at first blush as Kluber arrives without needing to compromise the future.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers are optimistic that Kluber can return to form after a rough, fluke injury-filled 2019 season.

Evan Grant writes that it’s a brave new world where the Rangers are built upon the strength of their starting rotation. “When are we gonna get some hitting up in here,” a neophytic voice surely cries out.

ESPN’s David Schoenfield writes that bringing in Kluber is worth the risk for the Rangers as they look to build a top rotation to help close the gap in the AL West.

The Athletic team of Ken Rosenthal, Weaver, and Cleveland writers had a roundtable to discuss the trade from all perspectives.

With Kluber in Texas, Sullivan seeks to answer the question of what the Rangers might look to do next with center field, third base, first base, catcher, and perhaps the bullpen still in need of upgrades.

The DMN’s Jeffrey Cooperstein offers up ten things to know about the Rangers’ newest acquisition.

Keith Law likes the trade for the Rangers even if Kluber might not return to past glory and sees the return as light even for an Indians team that was looking to dump salary.

Grant takes a look at how the Rangers’ renovated rotation looks to stack up ahead of the 2020 season.

And, finally, if you’re interested in the national view of the Kluber trade from Indians’ perspective, well, Zach Kram of The Ringer writes that sports fans in Cleveland will be even more depressed than usual.

Have a good day!