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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Happy New Year Eve eve

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MLB: New York Yankees at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Jamey Newberg has an interesting thought exercise of picking a Texas Ranger from throughout franchise history to bring back and put on the 2020 Texas Rangers. Me? Adrian Beltre because I’m selfish.

Nomar Mazara hitting the longest home run of 2019 was one of the top most extreme plays of the year according to Mike Petriello and Statcast. But also, Mazara was traded to the White Sox for a swagger-filled David Murphy hopeful so there’s that.

Mark Polishuk of MLB Trade Rumors looks at how teams in the American League have solved their biggest need. The Rangers’ biggest need was catcher, according to MLBTR and, the way the Rangers have solved that need is by saying “You just don’t get Jeff Mathis, man.”

Is Marcell Ozuna a target for the Rangers? MLB dot com notes that Jon Heyman seems to think so but then again Heyman’s entire job is to stir things up when things are getting too quiet.

And, finally, bust out the champagne early because WE’RE ONLY THE 17th MOST MISERABLE!!

Have a nice rest of 2019!