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Texas Rangers announce dimensions for Globe Life Field

The dimensions for the Rangers’ new stadium have been released today

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers announced the dimensions for their new stadium, Globe Life Field, today. The specific dimensions all correspond with meaningful numbers in Texas Rangers history.

The distance to the foul pole in left field is 329 feet, in honor of #29, Adrian Beltre.

Left field then juts out to 334 feet, in honor of #34, Nolan Ryan.

The left center power alley is 372 feet, a tribute to 1972, when the Rangers played their inaugural season in Arlington.

The deepest part of the park is 410 feet, in honor of #10, Michael Young.

Dead center field is 407 feet, in honor of #7, Pudge Rodriguez.

The right center power alley is 374 feet, in honor of the 1974 “Turnaround Gang” Rangers.

And the right field foul pole is 326 feet away, in honor of #26, Johnny Oates.

The distance behind home plate from the plate to the barrier directly behind it is 42 feet, in honor of Jackie Robinson.

You can see pictures in the tweet below:

I’ve seen some criticism of the dimensions as being too similar to the existing park, which people interpret as meaning that the new park will be an extreme hitters park. However, as you can see from this chart from 2014 (yes, its five years old, and we have a couple of new parks, I think, but the general conclusion is still valid), Globe Life Park had more or less an average amount of total space in fair territory, compared to the rest of the league.

The Ballpark was hitter friendly in large part because of how well the ball carried and the way the wind blows. Given that much of the time, the roof will be closed in the new ballpark, wind issues and the jet stream should be less of a concern, and I would wager that the new park will be fairly neutral in how it plays.