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Texas Rangers rumors: Sergio Romo of interest

Jon Morosi says the Rangers have interest in reliever Sergio Romo

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors: MLB free agent relief pitcher Sergio Romo is someone the Texas Rangers have “shown interest” in on a possible minor league deal, according to Jon Morosi on Twitter. Morosi says the Toronto Blue Jays have also offered him a contract, while the Minnesota Twins, managed by Rocco Baldelli (who was with the Tampa Bay Rays, Romo’s former team, before being hired by Minnesota this offseason), are also identified as having interest.

Coincidentally, MLB Daily Dish talked to Romo’s agent, Barry Meister, about Romo and the offseason in a piece that just went up. Romo, a righthander, has significant right/left splits, which the Rays took advantage of by using him as an opener several times last season, particularly against teams that are righty-heavy at the top of the order. Romo put up a 4.14 ERA with a 4.04 FIP for Tampa last year, and while he turns 36 next month, veteran relievers can hang around forever.

Texas has several veteran righthanders on major league deals who appear positioned to fill setup and middle relief roles, but the bullpen isn’t completely locked in, and Romo could be worth a look. Likely, the question is going to be whether someone offers Romo a major league deal, and if not, what team offering a minor league contract provides the best opportunity for him to stick out of camp.

UPDATE — Romo signed a one year, $2.5 million deal with the Marlins, per reports just out, so disregard the above.