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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant writes about the organizational meeting this week that highlights the wholesale changes the team has been making.

It’s a bad sign when 3/5’s of your 2018 starting rotation is holding “will pitch for food” signs as spring training starts.

Mike Minor is glad to be in the Rangers’ camp this spring rather than traded to some stupid NL team.

Chris Woodward says the Dodgers that he coached for may have won a World Series, but they sure didn’t love each other like the Rangers.

When he was traded last year Jake Diekman said through tears that he wanted to return to the Rangers. And so he’s reporting to Surprise with the Royals.

In today’s Surprise Five, Shawn Kelley talks about getting DFA’d by the Nationals after a fit of pique on the mound and Mike Minor is likely to be the Opening Day Starter.

The common wisdom is that the Rangers are going to field a young team but their bullpen is positively geriatric.

The team is talking to current season ticket holders about prices at the new park and the reactions are not pretty.