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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, folks...

Evan Grant writes how new Texas Rangers relief pitcher Zach McAllister has utilized the Rapsodo analysis tool and the Edgertronic high-speed camera to identify an issue with his grip that was allowing hitters to lay off his curve ball last year, and talks about the Rangers incorporating these items into their pitching programs.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Jeff Mathis being in Texas to, among other things, mentor the Rangers’ young catchers.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers think they can help Mathis, who has been a poor hitter his entire career, be more productive at the plate.

Mathis says he wants to help and contribute however he can.

The Rangers have a goal of Mathis catching 80+ games, which he’s done once in his career, and which seems awfully ambitious to me.

The Rangers have three starting pitchers who are returning from Tommy John surgery, and the team has a plan for how to get them ready for the season.

Former Rangers scout Tom Giordano passed away yesterday at the age of 93.

The DMN has some notes on Adam Moore, Christian Lopes, a visiting coach, and the team’s throwing schedule.