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Texas Rangers odds of winning remote, says Vegas

The latest odds for winning the A.L. West and the A.L. pennant indicate the Rangers have an uphill battle

Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game 4 Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers’ odds of winning the American League West and the American League pennant in 2019 look grim, according to the latest betting odds which I’ve been sent. BetOnline has the betting odds for Texas winning the A.L. West at 25:1, and the A.L. pennant odds at 80:1. The only team in the A.L. with odds so long of winning their division is the Baltimore Orioles, also at 25:1. The Royals are also at 80:1 to win the pennant, with Detroit at 125:1 and Baltimore at 250:1.

The 25:1 odds to win the West appear generous, to me...I think 25:1 to get a Wild Card berth might be in the ballpark, but not to win the West. The roughly 1% chance chance of winning the A.L. pennant appears to be closer, but either way, its a long, longshot.

The BetOnline folks see Houston as a prohibitive 1:4 favorite to win the West, but have them at just 4:1 to win the pennant, behind the Yankees and Red Sox, both at 3:1. The Dodgers are 4:1 favorites to win the National League, with the Cubs, Phillies, Cardinals, Braves, Brewers and Nationals all at either 7:1 or 8:1.