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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Chicago Cubs-Media Day Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Sherrington thinks that the sun has set on the Shin Soo Choo era in Texas. And by sun I mean the enormous pile of money the team will be burning whether he plays here or not.

Lookout Landing has their AL West preview if you’re really into Greek tragedies.

Evan Grant’s weekly roster projection is unchanged from last week.

Logan Forsythe got a minor league deal in the hopes that he can adequately back up Andrus at shortstop, though he’s played less than 40 games there in his MLB career.

There’s a talented lefty that’s free for the taking... unfortunately, he is a convicted child molester.

Lefty pitcher Kyle Bird has apparently downloaded the Crash Davis random cliche generator app.

It could be that the difference between pre-trade Cole Hamels and post-trade Cole Hamels was that the Cubs were able to tell him what the Rangers were trying to tell him in a way that he could understand.