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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Looks like dare food‘s back on the menu, boys

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MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

The folks at the DMN make their various predictions about the Rangers season including surprises, breakouts, and how Joey Gallo fares.

T.R. Sullivan breaks down just what the Rangers are trying to accomplish during the 2019 season.

The DMN also includes a litany of national predictions for how the Rangers will do this year, so please avert your eyes.

Stefan Stevenson notes that the opening series against the Chicago Cubs will be filled with franchise-stalwart starting pitchers such as Yu Darvish and Cole Hamels...who will not be pitching for the Rangers.

Who is the offensive catalyst for each MLB team? Sullivan writes that if the Rangers offense is going well, it’ll be because Nomar Mazara is hitting.

Kevin Sherrington tries to figure out what the Rangers are hoping for from Willie Calhoun after another lost spring.

Stevenson writes about Hunter Pence’s journey to return to Arlington and play for the hometown Rangers.

Levi Weaver writes that Delino DeShields wants to run more this season and Chris Woodward seems amicable to the suggestion.

Dave Sessions has notes on the Rangers releasing Zach McAllister and on Gallo looking ready to start the season, among other items.

The big news from yesterday, and perhaps the season, is the Rangers showed off their circus foods that will be available at The Ballpark this year. Anthony Andro wrote about it for mlb dot com.

The food preview day is always a big day for Evan Grant...

...and he offers you five things to know about the latest memeable eats.

WFAA’s Tiffany Liou provides the full new menu of concession items the Rangers will be side-showing with, yes, the 2-pound chicken tender being the headliner.

Wilson concludes that, look, when the big league team is probably going to lose 90 games, you write about pickles.

And, lastly, we’re No. 21! We’re No. 21! We’re No. 21! (Nothing against Mike Minor who pitched well for the Rangers last year but yes I am surprised that there are apparently nine worse Opening Day starters around the league.)

Have a nice day!