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Texas Rangers Preview: Opening Series

And we’re off...

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers are opening the 2019 season at home against the Chicago Cubs.

In that three game series they will be facing two of their former aces for the first time since trading them away, Yu Darvish and Cole Hamels.

Jon Lester will make the start against the Rangers on Opening Day on Thursday while Mike Minor will make the start against the Cubs.

It’s not officially listed but it is expected that Darvish will make Saturday’s start and Hamels will make the Sunday afternoon start.

(Friday is an off-day)

The Rangers will have Edison Volquez on mound for the second game and Lance Lynn.

On Monday and Tuesday the Rangers had two different starting lineups, both variations of what we can expect to see throughout the season.

Monday’s lineup behind Volquez, facing Carrasco
Tuesday’s lineup behind Smyly, against Clevinger

Darvish had also joked earlier this month that should he pitch against the Rangers, he’d like to hit Gallo and Rougie. While I know the the Rangers won’t face the Cubs as often as they face Seattle, I for one am hoping this creates a Felix/Beltre type relationship between Darvish and at least one Ranger.

Darvish has never pitched against the Rangers and Hamels has only pitching against them once... in 2008. Hamels got the win in that game after going seven innings and giving up four runs on six hits, two walks, and one homer.

The Cubs and Rangers haven’t faced each other since 2016.