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Opening Day Morning Links


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MLB: Spring Training-Texas Rangers at San Francisco Giants Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant takes a look at the most memorable Opening Days in TBiA history.

Evan also says there are five unanswered questions as spring training comes to an end, like what does it sound like when 5 UCL’s tear simultaneously.

Jeff Wilson has put on his prognosticatin’ pajamas and has some predictions for the season, taking the over on the Vegas W/L line and saying Gallo is going to bring his lunch pail.

The Rangers signed international free agent Florencio Serrano for $850,000.

The Astros may be the better team, but the Rangers have a broader fandom. So there.

Evan Grant has some over/unders to ponder for the season.

He also has a breakdown of the 2019 Opening Day roster, with commentary.

Mac Engel has come here to bury the ballpark, not praise it.

Jamey Newberg is celebrating the end of an era with a series looking at individual moments from the ballpark’s history.

Levi Weaver also tips his hat to the ballpark on its last first day.

The Rangers announced the Hickory roster yesterday, and 6 of the top 30 prospects in the system (per will be there.