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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

Nomar Mazara and Joey Gallo made TMZ with their post homerun cup-check celebration, which has given them cause to rethink it.

Jeff Wilson says that 1/16 of the way through the season the Rangers are not as terrible as expected.

Asdrubal Cabrera was not in the lineup yesterday because he had flown to Miami to be sworn in as a US citizen.

Delino Deshields has been hitting like crap, but the team is telling him “no big deal, buddy.”

Jose Leclerc responded with choice quotes from the Crash Davis Cliche App (available in the Apple store and Google Play) to his blown save.

Evan Grant’s notes column says “enough about Dallas Kuechel already!”

T.R. Sullivan says that Leclerc’s showed a veteran mindset after his blown save.

Who would have thought this pitching staff would have the team scrambling for depth 10 games into the season?

Well, there’s always Bartolo Colon.

And, finally, here’s the first ever image of a black hole.