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Lenny Dykstra is suing Ron Darling

The latest twist in the bizarre Lenny Dykstra saga

Lenny Dykstra Celebrates the launch of ‘Players Club’ Magazine

Lenny Dykstra is suing Ron Darling over Darling’s recent book that details allegations by Darling, Dykstra’s teammate with the Mets, that Dykstra directed “foul, racist, hateful, hurtful” invective at Boston Red Sox pitcher Oil Can Boyd at the outset of Game Three of the 1986 World Series. Darling also calls Dykstra “a criminal in every sense” and “generally a shitty human being.”

We here at LSB have chronicled the post-playing-career travails of Dykstra, who was hyped as a brilliant investor by Jim Cramer and others early in the 21st century before it was revealed he was essentially running a Martingale strategy for options trading. He also started a high end magazine targeted towards professional athletes that failed, then he ended up in bankruptcy, then getting time in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud.

This would seem to likely end up being dismissed fairly quickly, though if it gets into the discovery phase there could be some eye-opening details that come out, given Dykstra’s previously reported comments.