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Hans Crouse, Tyler Phillips dominate in matinees

Two of the Rangers young righthanded starting pitching prospects kept their opponents off the board this afternoon

Chicago Cubs v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Texas Rangers Minor league pitchers Hans Crouse and Tyler Phillips each made their second start of the season today, and each did a stellar job, allowing no runs in their outings.

Hans Crouse, who is seen as the #1 prospect in the system by Baseball America, followed up a shaky but scoreless Opening Day outing for the Hickory Crawdads with a Hans MFing Crouse start. Crouse needed just 67 pitches to get through 5 scoreless innings, with 1 hit allowed, 0 walks, and 9 strikeouts. The only ball he allowed out of the infield was the one single he gave up. Scott Lucas had him with 19 swinging strikes on the day, and Kyle Glaser has him at 94-95 mph on the fastball with some nice changeups.

Meanwhile, for Down East, control artist Tyler Phillips threw 7 shutout innings, allowing 4 hits and no walks while striking out 3. 51 of his 73 pitches were for strikes, and like Crouse, Phillips hasn’t allowed an earned run this year.

The pair are quite different in terms of profile — while both are Righthanded pitchers, Crouse is a mid-90s guy whose delivery causes concerns about his command projection and whether he will end up in the pen, while Phillips relies on control and command, with stuff that isn’t at Crouse’s level. Neither is going to be in Arlington in 2019, but they are both worth watching as they make their way up the ladder, and are two of the key arms in a very deep group of nice pitchers the Rangers have accumulated in the minors.