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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Rubbing it in with a bunt single victory

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Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Good morning.

Stefan Stevenson writes about the Rangers coming back to win yesterday thanks in part to a pinch hit triple from Danny Santana in his first at-bat with Texas.

Levi Weaver writes that not all wins are created equal as this one was more fun than usual simply because a boring loss seemed inevitable before the Rangers mounted their entertaining comeback. I mean, they won a two-out bunt for heaven’s sake.

T.R. Sullivan pinpoints the four key moments that turned a likely frustrating loss into a euphoric win for Texas on Sunday.

Stevenson reacts to a game that was proof positive for the Rangers that you can never truly turn your back on a baseball game.

Sullivan has notes on the versatility that Logan Forsythe has displayed thus far, how the Rangers play to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day today, and others.

Jamey Newberg writes that the unquestioned strength on the farm these days comes from the mound which is a reversal of fortune for a franchise known for developing bats.

The DMN has compiled all the lore behind new sensation Jude Roe who won hearts on Sunday dressed as Mini Delino DeShields.

Weaver provides his thoughts on the previous week in his latest Weaver Wire which includes a very baseball-apt lesson from BoJack​ Horseman.

And, lastly, Thomas Harrigan looks back at the most famous bloopers in MLB history which definitely means Jose Canseco letting a ball bounce off his head for a home run is back in your life today.

Have a nice day!