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Texas Rangers Week 4 Recap: Another Winning Homestand

The Rangers are doing well, and are about to have a seven day road trip

MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Season record: 12-8

Week 4 record: 5-1

Series record: 4-1, 1 split (Series against Oakland is TBD since Saturday’s game was postponed until June 8th)

Once again, the Rangers had another very good homestand against division opponents, going 5-1 this week.

Earlier in the week, they swept the Angels at home for the first time since 2013, which seems crazy that it’s been six years. That sweep? The back-to-back-to-back walk-off homers.

The Ranger’s only loss of the week came on Friday with Drew Smyly on the mound, making it through just 3.2 innings and giving up four runs on five hits and three walks. He somehow managed to strikeout eight still because baseball is weird. Danny Santana homered in the game. So did Gallo and it was a mammoth one, because of course. He also managed to have an almost identical homer on Saturday as well.

Speaking of Gallo, he also did two very odd things on Sunday. You might have heard he didn’t have a sac fly in his major league career. Well time to check that one off, because he got one on Sunday. I think the best part about that was the entire team seemed to know exactly what happened, they celebrated like he just hit a homer. I found it interesting that they had all known that stat because it seems like one of those dumb ones only fans and beat writers would find fascinating and keep up with.

He also hit a pop-up to second base... well it looked like that’s what it was going to be. Instead, it became an opposite field, in-field single. It hung up in the air for just over seven seconds, apparently twisted and turned so much that Correa had no idea where it was and at one point covered his head in fear it was going to drop on him.

Going into Sunday’s game they were tied with the Dodgers (who were on the road this weekend) for most home wins this season at 9, with Sunday’s win, they now lead the majors in home wins at 10.

Sunday’s win was also Shelby Miller’s first win since April 18, 2017.

This series against Houston really felt like the good old days of the Rangers knocking the Astros down and I can only hope it continues for the rest of the season.