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12-10 - Coliseum remains unkind as Rangers lose 11-5 to Athletics

To think the Rangers actually led TWICE in this one

MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

I came down with some kind of gnarly flu today and the baseball gods rewarded me with a Lance Lynn start in Oakland. I feel like the Rangers played.

Player of the Game: Whichever mayor figures out a way to pry the A’s away from that cursed cathedral of misery.

Up Next: The Rangers get to be done playing in that hell hole for a little while after tomorrow. Someone will start the game for Texas in Drew Smyly’s stead while the Athletics will run whatever a RHP Aaron Brooks is in the finale. First pitch from Oakland is scheduled for 2:37 pm CT so at the very least the beating will be over with early one way or the other.