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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant’s mailbag column says that the Rangers are committed to a rebuild regardless of their standings come the trade deadline, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Mike Minor and Lance Lynn are gone, regardless.

With Rougned Odor and Ronald Guzman getting Wally Pipp’d by Logan Forsythe and Danny Santana, the Rangers are looking at potentially losing one of either Forsythe or Santana unless they opt to drop down to a 7 man bullpen.

The organization didn’t want to promote Taylor Hearn until after the All Star break, but the Game of Thrones script that is the Ranger pitching corps has forced their hand.

If Hearn isn’t able to go deep and the Rangers need more arms over the weekend their options are C.D. Pelham and Ariel Jurado, neither of whom are setting the world on fire right now.

Going to Oakland has pretty much always sucked.

Levi Weaver points out that with Taylor Hearn being promoted, we’ve now had 5 players make their MLB debuts this season and 16 players make their Ranger debuts.

Jamey Newberg continues his walk down Memory Lane by looking at Juan Gone and Randy Johnson facing off in 1998.