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5-3 - Rangers find it difficult to swim upstream in 3-1 loss to Trout, Angels

Were but it not for Mike Trout

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers lost and after all of the fun from the first week of the season, I’m bummed about it! There wasn’t 11 runs nor a comeback nor a bizarre flurry of stupid events that happened that caused my team to come out on top tonight and that stinks.

Being bummed out in’t a fun sensation because who wants to be bummed out, right? But being bummed out means the Rangers have been entertaining so far, and have won their share of games, and, while with this group that probably shouldn’t be the expectation very many nights, it’s good to know that it is still something that can bring joy when it happens.

Whatever. Let’s watch Joey Gallo send one to the celestial cheese shop in the sky:

Player of the Game: Lance Lynn blew it! Just kidding. Although, it’s definitely 100% true that maybe a starting pitcher going more than three innings got into the heads of the hitters and cooled them off. Curse you, Lance!

Lynn went seven innings for Texas and they let him throw 105 pitches to get there. He struck out five, walked only one, and allowed just five hits. How’d he lose? Well, Mike Trout unfortunately still exists.

Up Next: The Rangers surely won’t be playing until midnight on Saturday as Drew Smyly will take the mound opposite LHP Tyler Skaggs for Anaheim with a first pitch start time of 3:05 pm CT.