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Chris Archer, Yasiel Puig suspended for brawl

Pirates pitcher Chris Archer and Reds outfielder Yasiel Puig have each been suspended for the events connected with last week’s bench-clearing brouhaha

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Chris Archer and Yasiel Puig have been suspended: The Cincinnati Reds/Pittsburgh Pirates brawl that was triggered with Chris Archer of the Pirates threw at Reds hitter Derek Dietrich after Dietrich admired a long home run off Archer in his previous at bat, and which resulted in an altercation where it appeared Yasiel Puig of the Reds was ready to fight the entire Pirates team, has resulted in Archer being suspended for 5 games by MLB, and Puig being suspended for 2 games.

In addition, Reds manager David Bell has been suspended for 1 game by MLB.

There were five folks ejected during the fracas, which was triggered when Archer threw behind Dietrich for what one can only assume was retaliation for Dietrich admiring his home run off Archer earlier in the game. It ended up being your basic baseball bench-clearing episode where there’s yelling and pushing and shoving, but no real fighting going on.

In addition, the Pirates’ bright yellow uniforms and the Reds’ extremely red uniforms make it look like ketchup and mustard bottles are battling, which is fun.

Video is below: