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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Tickets for the final Ranger game at Globe Life Park will go on sale today.

On the occasion of returning to the restaurant where he got dumped, Jeff Banister loved every second of managing the Rangers.

He also said that there were no hard feelings about being fired, he recognizes that it’s part of the game.

Jose Leclerc says that he’s not sucking because of extra pressure from the contract, it’s just a general sort of sucking.

But, indeed, he’s sucking.

The team is looking at alternatives to pitch in high leverage situations.

Hunter Pence is fighting for more playing time by having a hot hand.

Jamey Newberg takes a look at Nick Lodolo and the likelihood that he becomes a Ranger.

And, finally, here’s what the Huygens probe saw as it descended to Titan.