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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Willie Calhoun says that watching old video helped him return to his previous offensive form, but is really vague about it.

Jon Daniels says that the clock is ticking on Rougned Odor’s suckage, and that maybe it’s the bat and maybe it isn’t.

Speaking of ticking clocks, we should be seeing the announcement of Cole Winn’s impending TJ surgery any minute now.

Evan Grant’s mailbag column notes that over the next few weeks there are a number of decisions that will have to be made, including whether to send Rougned down, and whether to extend or trade Mike Minor and Nomar Mazara.

Despite saying he didn’t think it was a big deal, Elvis Andrus is being placed on the 10 day IL for a pulled hamstring.

Willie Calhoun announced his presence with authority in yesterday’s game so authoritatively that it caused Nomar Mazara to stop sucking.

Chris Woodward noted that “a ton of good things happened.”

Emmanuel Clase is drawing comparisons to Neftali Feliz.