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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Next week you can get yourself a sweet Whataburger fancy ketchup hat during the series against the Royals, although the real pimps will be waiting for the spicy ketchup hats in September.

Josh Hamilton was on Ben and Skin and told them about the point he realized his baseball career was over.

Stefan Stevenson notes that Pence and Mazara are continuing to produce and Elvis is on track to return on Saturday.

Chris Woodward attributes Joey Gallo’s success to the mental groundwork that he laid as a first year manager.

Adrian Sampson and Jesse Chavez teamed up on the “opener” concept to secure a sweep of the Mariners.

Some of the Rangers pitchers aren’t so sure about the “opener” strategy, but also say “hey, if it gets results...”

Should Joey Gallo get legitimate MVP consideration?

Jamey Newberg says the Rangers may have hit on something in the goony batting stance of Jonathan Ornelas.

Levi Weaver tried his hand at constructing a 25 man roster from players that were only Rangers for one season.

Weaver also waxes poetic about Josh Hamilton and the cruel vagaries of time.