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Latest Keith Law mock draft has surprise Rangers pick

Keith Law has his latest mock draft out, and the Rangers select a guy not previously linked to them

This is a close-up of a baseball bat.

2019 MLB Draft: Keith Law’s latest mock draft is out, and in what would qualify as a pretty significant surprise, he has the Rangers selecting Texas Tech third baseman Josh Jung. Jung, a righthanded hitting third baseman, has generally not been linked with the Rangers up to this point.

We did a write-up of Jung about a month ago, but he hasn’t been someone who we’ve really focused on as a potential Rangers pick. Jung was at one point seen as a top 10 guy, but questions about his power and his ability to stick at third base have resulted in him sliding down boards. The Rangers have been said to be looking at a below-slot guy at #8, and Jung would qualify as such, but his profile isn’t what the Rangers have generally sought in the draft.

That being said, Law says that the Rangers may be in the midst of a wholesale change in their draft philosophy, which has been to focus on high-ceiling tools guys with their top picks. That would be a rather dramatic change, and could mean the Rangers will be looking either at more polished and refined high school players, or may be more college-oriented with their early picks.