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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

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Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning, folks...

The Texas Rangers fell to the Kansas City Royals last night by a score of 4-2.

Drew Davison has his game story from yesterday’s defeat.

One-third of the way through the season, Levi Weaver looks at what has been working for the Rangers, and what hasn’t.

Several members of the Rangers weighed in on the idea of extending netting after the scary incident on Wednesday where a foul ball injured a child in Houston.

With the draft looming on Monday, Evan Grant looks at the five best picks and the five worst picks of the Jon Daniels era.

T.R. Sullivan looks at the mechanics of the draft and who the Rangers might pick.

The Rangers did legwork on Kyler Murray prior to last year’s draft, and thought at the time he was committed to playing baseball.

Kevin Sherrington says that the Rangers need to be risk-averse with the 8th pick and take the safest possible bet at #8, and specifically suggests Texas Tech third baseman Josh Jung, who he says could be playing third base in the majors for the Rangers in 2021.

The S-T looks at the possibility that you will be able to bet on the Rangers game at the new ballpark.

The DMN has notes on Joey Gallo, Peter Fairbanks, Joe Barlow, Demarcus Evans, and Ariel Jurado.