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Thoughts on a 6-2 Rangers win

Rangers 6, Royals 2

Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Rangers 6, Royals 2

  • That game sucked until it was really awesome.
  • As far as thoughts go, I don’t have many. Ariel Jurado continues to look like someone who may be a major league starting pitcher, which I thought there was no chance of two months ago, and that’s awesome, especially with him winning the first major league game his parents have seen him pitch. The offense was terrible except for that one inning that scored six runs, which included Joey Gallo’s first career grand slam, on one of those beautiful Joey Gallo moonshots that is like the platonic ideal of a home run. And Joey Gallo made a couple of bad plays in center field, then made a great one to end the game.
  • But what struck me when I saw Gallo’s diving catch was that it reminded me of Rusty Greer’s famous diving catch to preserve Kenny Rogers’ perfect game. And if you look at the two plays next to each other, they look like mirror images:
  • So yeah, the Rangers won, and Gallo did awesome things, and life is good.