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Joey Gallo hits his 100th career home run

Joey Gallo’s home run against Pittsburgh today was the 100th of his career

Pittsburgh Pirates v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Joey Gallo’s 100th career home run, all for the Texas Rangers, was a tremendous shot to right-center field, going completely out of the park and splashing down in the Alleghany River. That home run gave the Rangers a 2-0 lead against the Pirates, and went 443 feet, per Statcast, with a 109.8 exit velocity.

Gallo hit that home run in his 377th career, game, making him the third fastest player in major league history to 100 home runs, behind only Ryan Howard (325 games) and Ralph Kiner (376 games). Since those two guys were National Leaguers, that means Gallo is the fastest player in American League history to 100 home runs.

With that home run, Gallo raised his slash line on the year to .276/.421/.686, with a 178 wRC+ plus. He’s having, so far, an MVP-caliber season.

Check out the monster blast in the video below...

UPDATE — Courtesy of shots fired!, here’s a longer replay with multiple angles: